Hook Line & Sinker
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At Hook Line & Sinker, we started with one simple question… “Who’s got time for that?” Were we frustrated with other dating apps? Yes. Were we wanting to take our dating lives into our own hands? Yep. We found a way to bring people together, instantly. Instead of sitting on an app swiping or answering a million questions to find the perfect match on paper, we challenge you to get up, get out, and see if your person might be just around the corner. Be intentional, get inspired, change your world, and do it with a hook. How does it work? 

It’s simple. With Hook Line & Sinker, all you have to do is open up your app and see who is RIGHT around you. What do we mean by right? 1 mile or less! If you are interested, send them a Hook. Be ready to hangout! If you receive a Hook, you either accept it, save it for later, or if you’re not interested, you sink em’. It’s easy, fun, and most importantly, it cuts out all of the waiting. At the end of the day, “who’s got time for that?” 

Hook Line & Sinker - the way dating should be.



Tell us about yourself. What has dating been like for you? What are the perfect moments and what are the struggles? What is your craziest story? What has worked for you and what hasn’t? Blow our minds! Tell us about our app! What do you like about Hook Line & Sinker? What can we make better? Nothing will be shared without contacting you first. we got your back!